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Anderson Sunda-Meya

Norwood Endowed Professor of Physics

Dr. Anderson Sunda-Meya is the Head of the Physics Department and Dual-Degree Engineering Program, Associate Chair of the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Director of the Dual Degree Engineering Program, and Director of the Louisiana Engineering Advancement Program (LEAP).

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The Nanoscale Engineering Laboratory is Dr. Sunda-Meya's research group in the Physics Department at Xavier University of Louisiana. Research conducted at the laboratory includes growth and characterization of nanostructures, spectroscopy studies, biophysical investigations of proteins and phospholipid membranes, and studies of gamma flash particles.
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Alina Baltimore US Virgin Islands
Biology/Biomedical Engineering
Amani Christopher St Croix, US Virgin Islands
Physics/Chemical Engineering
Clarenisha Layton St Francisville, LA
Biology/Biomedical Engineering
Down Bordenave New Orleans, LA
Physics & Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
Hillary Smith Arlington, TX
Biology/Biomedical Engineering
Kiara Hawkins New Orleans, LA
Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
Na'Charlesia Floyd Americus, GA
Biology/Biomedical Engineering
Toni Trail Tomball, TX
Biology/Biomedical Engineering
Jazmine Nash Atlanta, GA
Biology/Biomedical Engineering


Two-dimensional layered materials Studies of transition metal dicalcogenide materials and their applications to devices

Cell membranes and peptide interaction Biophysical inverstigations of natural antimicrobial peptides

Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes (TGFs) studies Detection and analysis of lightning activity associated with TGFs

Elliptic solitons in optical fiber media Physical Review A 92, 053850 (2015)

Dynamics of dysprosium silicide nanostructures on Si(001) and (111) surfaces Journal of Materials Science 49, 1812-1823 (2014)

Invited Talk: AAPT Winter Meeting, New Orleans, 2016 The Dual Degree Approach: Improving the Success of Minority Physicists/Engineers

National Science Foundation AWARDS #1540465
& #1411209

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As an educator, Dr. Sunda-Meya strives to inspire his students to greater heights, steer them into a science major they love, help them find balance in life and work, challenge them to surprise themselves. He is a dedicated mentor who consistently gives his time and energy to help his students become better person, better scientists and engineers.
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2016 National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Annual Convention
Lab members have attended the 42nd NSBE Meeting: Amira Muhsen, Edward Brooks, Jacqueline Baidoo and Shannon Mitchell.   
A group of ten students attended the ERN conference in Washington, DC, on February 23-25, 2016.   
2015 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies (PACIFICHEMâ„¢), Honolulu, Hawaii
ASM presented a poster at the 2015 PACIFICHEM: "Comparative atomic force microscopy (AFM) and field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) studies of mixed phospholipid monolayers".   
Initial TETRA II installation campaign in Puerto Rico
Jazmine Nash & Alexandria Ward joined a crew of 7 LSU people who traveled to Utuado, Puerto Rico for the installation of lightning detectors.